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Campaña Mostremos Colombia
Campaña Mostremos Colombia
                 The purpose of the "This is        Colombia Campaign" is to promote the positive aspects of Colombia around the world through audiovisual productions.
"This is Colombia" connects Colombians living abroad to their native land. Our goal is for them to carry the campaign and its DVDs wherever they go, becoming goodwill ambassadors of Colombia.

The campaign was born as a response to negative news about Colombia that has been flooding the media for decades. While Colombia faces many challenges, there is much to celebrate about the nation that is unknown by most people who have never been there.

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It has gorgeous and varied landscapes, cultural diversity, impressive resources, and people who exude creativity, warmth and joy. This is the Colombia featured in the "This is Colombia Campaign."

A full ten percent of all DVDs produced will be donated to institutions such as schools, libraries, colleges, universities and diplomatic missions in the United States and other countries, where they will serve as tools to learn about and promote Colombia.

Campaña Mostremos Colombia
Join this Campaign by buying the DVD for yourself or as a gift for friends or colleagues who know little about Colombia, or by sharing this website


The DVD "Colombia, What a Beautiful Country" is an ideal gift for holidays, birthdays and other special dates. It’s also a thoughtful present that doesn’t require a special occasion because when you give the DVD, you promote Colombia. We invite you to acquire the DVD to give to families, friends and especially people who don’t know the country. For this reason, the This is Colombia Campaign has special new promotions featuring multiple copies of the DVD from as low as $8 each including shipping.
Promote your country: Share the marvels of your country with an affordable gift.

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